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Class II Bulk Fill Composite Technique

Bulk Filling Technique

Bulk filling describes the technique in which composite is placed in a single increment, typically 4mm or more, rather than in multiple layers, in order to simplify the restoration process. The key to this technique is having a composite material that offers the depth of cure, strength, and functionality to perform this type of procedure effectively.

Let’s Begin

Clean teeth to remove the stain. Select composite shade while the tooth is still moist. Isolate, prepare tooth, and place appropriate matrix.

Pulpal Protectant

When preparation is close to the pulp or pulp is exposed place up to 1mm of TheraCal LC onto visibly moist cavity floor. Light cure for 20 seconds.

Adhesive Application

Apply 2 coats of All-Bond Universal, scrubbing for 10-15 seconds per coat (do not air dry or light cure between coats). Air dry for 10 seconds to evaporate solvent. Light cure for 10 seconds.

Syringe or Unit-Dose

Place REVEAL HD Bulk in one layer up to proper depth via Syringe of Unit-Dose.


Cure and Adjust

Light cure according to proper times and adjust occlusion, finish and polish as needed.

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