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A Revealing “First Date” with a New Composite

Courtesy of Dental Shopper Product

Handling a new composite is a lot like going on a first date—it’s all about chemistry! On one hand, there’s the actual chemistry and response of the restorative material, and on the other hand there’s the dentist’s “chemistry” with the material through their preferred technique. On those initial “dates”/procedures, it’s important for dentists to feel comfortable with their technique. It’s the only way they can truly get a sense of how a new product might help their productivity and their clinical outcome.

Adamo E. Notarantonio, DDS, FICOI, AACD, had a comfortable, predictable experience when he tried BISCO’s REVEAL HD Bulk, a light-activated restorative composite optimized to allow for simpler and faster posterior restorations. REVEAL HD Bulk’s excellent handling set it apart from the competition, said Dr. Notarantonio, who used the material for challenging Class II composite restorations that have deep boxes. He was especially impressed by how REVEAL HD Bulk did not stick to the instrument, even without the use of a modeling resin. It stayed where he placed it and flowed extremely well, without being heated.

Welcome to a new era of composites!  Get Dr. Notarantionio’s take on the quick, easy, effective Reveal HD Bulk and more.

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